Upcoming Gigs

  • There are currently no specific dates planned for upcoming gigs… I am, however, in the process of putting together the content for the next one. If you want to be one of the first to find out about my gigs, sign up to my e-newsletter.
  • If you’d like to book me for a gig, I’d love to hear from you.

Feedback From Previous Gigs

“I really really really really really really really loved every part of your gig! (and you) :)”
– Bethia Turner, age 10

“Awesome! Love the combination of poems & songs. More please…”
– Anonymous

“Thank you so much for giving me exactly what I needed to hear!”
– Ira Moeller

“I’m still in awe of this profound, prophetic, poetic, psalmist Helen Munt. What an incredible evening of thought provoking poetry, musicality & creativity. The closest I can describe her work is like…chewing multi flavoured, musically inspirational, lyrically provocative, amazingly tasty & creative chewing gum…for the mind, soul & spirit. They need to invent a new genre of music for this incredible woman. ‪#‎AwesomeCreativeGladiator‬
– Neil Charlton

“Wow!! Thank you for being so vulnerable with us. Tonight was an absolute inspiration on so many levels… More… please!!”
– Anonymous