Gazing EP

One afternoon I was sat at the piano in my church when this phrase popped into my head: “I want to sing right on the Edge of My Emotions, trusting You with the vulnerability of how I sound.” It slowly dawned on me that it’s not such a challenge to sing about how I felt last year, last month or even the day before… but it’s an entirely different matter when it comes to sharing the rawness of my present-time emotions. I liken it to a tidal wave: being just behind the wave is a very different experience to being right on top of the wave itself. One takes a lot more trust. But… I also know that some of my most intimate times with people have been when I have entrusted them with my raw emotions.

It’s really no different with God. He can do remarkable things with our vulnerable hearts.

I’d heard about a woman who was struggling so much with how she was feeling that she wanted to end her life. Fortunately she confided in a Priest who suggested that she spend time simply being in the presence of God.

No agenda. Just be.

She decided to give it a go and found a quiet space each day where she took time to be aware of God’s presence. It was during one of those times when she had a revelation: “God is Looking at Me!” She was looking at Him and He was looking right back at her. He saw her pain and He loved her and sat with her until she experienced His freedom.

The freedom that Christ died for her to have.

There is Freedom in the Secret Place, the place where it’s just me and God in the room. Freedom to be myself, warts and all. Freedom to make mistakes. Freedom to dream. Freedom to dance and sing and laugh… and freedom to simply be.

I have made the decision to use my freedom to be intentional with My Pursuit after the heart of God.

As a woman, I love to be pursued. And since I am made in the image of God, it stands to reason that God must enjoy being pursued too. So I am going to pursue Him and love Him with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength, keeping my Eyes Fixed firmly upon Him.

Because He is God.


Edge of My Emotions
Looking at Me
Freedom in the Secret Place
My Pursuit
Eyes Fixed